Funland Skate Center

3438 Baldwin Rd  Wellsville NY      585-593-2000

Family Fun

"where fun is our first name"

Welcome to the Funland "where fun is our first name"

Funland Skate Center is where skaters and skating fans alike meet for memorable family enjoyment, super-awesome skating, birthday parties, and organizational, church and youth-group parties...... or simply to get away for a few hours of fun, indoor recreation with family and friends or to re-live those fond skating memories really never left behind.

Less expensive than an average trip to the movies, Funland offers something many other entertainment venues do not -- a healthy workout. The Franklin Institute lists roller skating among its recommended forms of aerobic activity.

Yet roller skating doesn’t feel like exercise when roller rink games are enjoyed with friends. Whether you're celebrating a birthday or spending leisure time with a group, play roller skating games the next time you gather at Funland!