Funland Skate Center

"where fun is our first name"

Funland was built by Harry Sloan in 1938 in Wellsville, NY on the same location as it operates today and was originally called Funcrest. 

Funcrest was best known for award winning National Dance Teams in the 1950's. Funcrest produced skaters Bill Johnston, Sally Perry, Ken Perkins and Judy Perry who competed successfully on a National level and appeared in Time Magazine.

Onalee Sloan Dwyer operated the rink after her fathers death until 1969.  Jack and Eileen Evans purchased the rink in 1969 and renamed it Funland.

During the 1970's the Evans' promoted speed skating and in 1975 eight year old Todd Carlin won the Regional Championship and competed at the National Level.

The Funland Skating rink is owned and operated by the Baldwin/Horton family as only the 3rd family to run the rink since 1938.

Today Funland is one of the oldest continuously operating roller rinks in the US.